PPP Projects

Sonnagar- Gomoh section (approx. 262 Km) of EDFC on PPP mode

Sonnagar- Gomoh section is planned to be developed on Hybrid- DBFOT model.

Role of Authority/ MoR

  • Provide land to the Concessionaire
  • Provide Grant (pre-determined amount in 10 instalments) during Construction Period and Availability Payment during O&M period to the Concessionaire.
  • Procure Forest and Environmental Clearances
  • Deployment of security forces on the project assets during Construction and O&M period at its own cost.
  • Perform Reserved Services like Traction Power, Rolling Stock and Crew.
  • Undertake or cause to undertake IR/ Authority/ other Government entities construction of ROBs & RUBs in lieu of LC.
Role of Private Player
  • Design, develop, finance, operate & maintain and transfer the project.
  • The complete station operation including S&T operation for the seven stations under Sonnagar- Gomoh section. The Concessionaire’s controller shall operate from the OCC Prayagraj for section control in coordination with IR/DFCCIL.
Concession Agreement
  • Concession agreement will be entered between DFCCIL (Authority) , private player (Concessionaire) and MoR (confirming party), an SPV will be formed by the Concessionaire for implementation of the Project.
  • Concessionaire will construct the project in 5 years and Operate & Maintain the project for 30 years post Commercial Operation Date.

Draft RFP for Sonnagar- Gomoh section of EDFC on Hybrid-DBFOT model

Draft Concession Agreement for Sonnagar-Gomoh section of EDFC on Hybrid-DBFOT model

DFCCIL Accident Manual

DFCCIL General Rules

DFCCIL General Rules- Correction slip-1

DFCCIL General Rules- Correction slip-2

DFCCIL Operating Manual



Model Escrow Agreement

Model Substitution Agreement

Model RFP for selection of Technical Consultant